Natural Remedy Options – Possible Treatments To Common Maladies

Natural remedy is a new buzz word that you hear all the time. It is typically something that can be accomplished without any chemical interference. They are usually the least invasive and there is often at least one option available for most any malady.

There are a number of natural remedies for stomach aches. The two most common are ginger root and apples. Ginger root is supposed to cure nausea, gas, and other types of stomach aches. If you steep the ginger root in hot water, it turns into a tea. As for apples, when you warm them up, the pectin naturally within the apple is released and can be a solution to a number of stomach problems.Ginger ale is another stomach ache remedy au natural. It has the same exact effect as ginger tea.

One for headaches, involves massaging the pressure point between the thumb and the forefinger. One for leg cramps is a dose of mustard. The list can go on forever.

The natural option is often ignored because it is written off as an old wives tale, but scientific testing often finds these old wives tales to have some merit. Sometimes the best cure is the simplest. Take for instance the old wives tale of drinking water that rice of potatoes has been boiled in, to bind someone that has had diarrhea. This actually does work wonders and has been investigated and proven. The starch in the water breakdown the bacteria that causes the diarrhea.

Typically they are harmless, but certain dangers can be posed by using these types of cures. Maybe the stomach ache is actually a sign of something greater. Sometimes a bout with a these remedies trying to cure an illness can cause valuable time to be lost in treatment and diagnosis. This is where the real danger comes into place. Most of the times when someone gets ill it is just a passing bug and a natural remedy may or may not relieve the symptoms but either way it will pass through the body in its own time.

There are rare instances though when these remedies may mask symptoms and the condition may grow worse. As a standalone treatment using common sense goes a long way when choosing to use a natural remedy. A doctors advice should be always sought when there are underlying medical conditions present or there are other pharmaceuticals involved. Especially in the case of a pregnant or nursing woman, using these remedies should be discussed with a physician.

A natural remedy may provide the relief that is needed from a variety of illnesses but should always be approached skeptically and cautiously to avoid any potential dangers.

There are several things that come to mind when someone brings up the term natural treatment, but there are some simple options that take a little knowledge that can help with some of the most common maladies.

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